When we work on our projects we always try not to forget that nothing is as luxurious as the necessary when it comes to lack and beauty and harmony are as important to life as normal daily needs.
Vertycalia is the area dedicated to the walls of your home; various decorative proposals that introduce a strongly characterizing element capable of giving a particular imprint to the setting it creates.
Behind every decoration there is a story. Each piece of our decorative pattern can be the inspiration for your story.
Atelier Milano​
Alchymia exhibits in its Milanese space, at no. 7 in via Durini, some of the most interesting of his creations as well as a careful selection of his prestigious decorative motifs.
Alchymia’s offer is showed in a collection of thematic catalogues. Start exploring the Alchymia worlds!
The encounter with the yachting world is a new opportunity for Alchymia, daily daily by the challenges that this world brings within itself by its nature: evolution, refined creativity, dedicated technical solutions.