2024 Preview

2024 Preview

Our 2024 collection is aimed to express the CONTEMPORARY HABITAT spirit and essence, where the atmosphere of the interiors is caracterized by the combination of a transversal style and timeless elegance.

Models conceived, designed and realized in order to last over time, distinguishing Alchymia’s forward choice to continuously search for the beauty in the ordinary. The coherence in this project and design, creates furnishing with an essential yet refined taste, which inspire to become the expression of the new classic style.

Comforting and cozy models which keep us company during our daily life, with relief, serenity and good taste, evolving with lifestyle changes, such as the double-sides swiveling doors, designed to separate two spaces mantaining an high scenic value.

Decorative walls, upholstered furniture, seats, small loose: many novelties to discover by leafing through our catalogue.

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