New 2023: decoration combined with aesthetic and functional research for the pleasure of beauty in everyday use

Alchymia news 2023

After many years dedicated to decoration, I wanted to concretize the experience gained, and combine pleasure with aesthetic and functional research. Many inspirations have guided me in this imaginary vision, from art deco’ to modernism with the aim of always combining forms with the highest quality, to make them last over time.


A selection of dining tables and sofa tables to enrich the design of sophisticated homes where handmade and details make the difference. The exclusive materials such as natural mother-of-pearl, straw and colored resins as well as the strong personalization distinguish true luxury from the ordinary.


Sense of Touch” Collection invites to go through sensorial experience in virtue of researching new textures, making the surfaces more interesting and stimulating. The precious materials, like parchment, selenite and mica stones were approached and connected though new horizons and also the straw, a material particularly inspiring for Alchymia.

Sense of Touch

“Vertycalia” is a high quality collection devoted to put decorative arts on walls, like great luxury with the unique Alchymia signature. With the VERTYCALIA collection, Alchymia creates large and impressive art walls where different feelings merge to give rise to something new.


“Moonlight Garden”, the collection of vertical artworks, winds between different atmospheres, innovative and in a certain sense disruptive, but in reality not disconnected from the path of Alchymia.

“Moonlight Garden”

The bearing element of the collection “Infinyta” are the vertical artworks, imagined with the aim of transforming one or more walls into large surfaces of decorative art.